Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From us, to you

1st year anniversary!!!!!

Dear All,

It’s already been a year Fashion Daze happened! It still seems so close! 
We have prepared a little souvenir/teaser for you.....

Get ready, Fashion Daze 2.0 is on its way! We have officially started our search for talents! Feel free to send us whatever and whoever you would like to see on our 2nd edition!

Let's keep the creativity rolling!

Looking forward to what's next!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Daze won the 2nd most enterprising project award!!! :D

On Nov 17th, in London, Fashion Daze got awarded 2nd best enterprising project by the UAL, Ecca competition.
It's a great news, and it makes us want to do the Fashion Daze 2.0 even more!
Thank you everyone for being part of this, and contributing to the success of Fashion Daze!

From Pretty Fashion Forward, Nov 16, Aysha Mattar

 From Pretty Fashion Forward


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beirut's Fashion Daze

I've been wanting to blog about this for a while now so I must apologize for posting this up sooooo late (I seem to be apologizing A LOT lately huh?!).  
On my last trip to Beirut, I attended one of the coolest events EVER!  It was basically stepping into an artistic interpretation of the city through the eyes of young up and coming fashion designers, photographers, film producers, and graffiti artists.  They transformed random items from daily life into artistic pieces (road signs finally looked less bossy & offensive).  Some of my favorite features from the show were the swings bolted into the concrete that you could swing on while sipping on your yummy Beirut-esque cocktail (yes, everything had to be somehow connected to the city), the 1920's cinema section with its rich red velvet love seats showing a few short films, and of course the 'Fashion About the City' section, as I like to call it, which was made up of these GORGEOUS installations where couture dresses meshed into Beirut street style to perfectly tell the story of the style and fashion of one of my favorite  cities in the world.
I loved this exhibition, I really hope to someday create something this unique about our cities because it seriously was an experience that I can't stop blabbing about! To think that this whole creative event was Raya Tueny's final project for university!  How cool is that?!?! Only in Lebanon people, only in Lebanon!


 I tried to get a shot to show just how cool this event looked! Pure eye candy! (far left in white sneakers is my fashion soul mate Krikor)

 Hass Idriss' beautiful scaly wedding gown was the first piece you see when you walked into the Fashion About the City section.  It was stunning!

N-Dawg delving into the Krikor experience

 Krikor & Tarek's section... Need I say more?!

 I told you they looked funky!

 Old school Lebanese fashion meets its 21st century interpretations

 The swings!!!

 The art bar!

 Aishti's section in the exhibition stood out as an art force of its own!

 A street sign turned into a table (I lourved this idea!)

 The cinema